Who I am

 I have found that for many biologists, ecologists, land managers, etc., there is a frustrating disconnect: the need for reliable information from quality data and the capability to obtain that information.  Many folks do not have the time, training, or interest in the specifics of study design and statistical analysis.  I do, and I love crunching numbers.

I started Heron Ecological, LLC to help colleagues at a variety of institutions who have a need for short-term assistance with study design and data analysis on individual projects, rather than a full-time biometrician.  Most organizations do not need a full-time biometrician, but find themselves wishing there was someone they could ask for advice or outright statistical analysis.  Hence, the creation of Heron Ecological, LLC.

I have a M.Sc. degree in Ecology and a B.Sc. in Wildlife Resources, but most importantly, a knack at understanding and communicating statistical issues.  I have worked for government agencies, universities, nonprofits, public-private collaborative groups, and private consulting firms across the U.S and Canada.

I present throughout the year to a variety of audiences, including student groups, professional natural resource associations, and industry members.  I am an active member of The Wildlife Society (incl. the National unit, Oregon and Idaho chapters, the Northwest Section, and the Biometrics Working Group), the British Ecological Society, the Ecological Society of America, and the Natural Areas Association.  I am always active in publishing and reviewing for peer-reviewed journals and currently serve as President of the Idaho Chapter of The Wildlife Society.