I have published a wide range of high-tiered journal articles that demonstrate the types and depth of some of the types of data I work with.  This list represents a subset of my skills as it is mostly focused on wildlife ecology and on projects originally designed for publication.  Check out the ‘Exciting collaborations’ page for examples of other types of analysis, data, and projects that I work on.

Reprints of any of these articles are available upon request (most articles are open access and can be obtained by clicking on the hyperlink) .



  • Van Dyke, F., S.M. Harju, M. Hindy, N. Cannata, E. Schmidt, E. Hillman, A. Sargent, and B. Keas. 2022. Comparative detection, density, and reproductive performance of Kirtland’s warbler in jack and red pine. Journal of Wildlife Management e22233 (contact for .pdf).
  • Van Dyke, F., S. Wilderman, S.M. Harju, et al. 2022. Effects of soil treatments and tree species on reforestation of well pads. Restoration Ecology, Early View e13658 (contact for .pdf).
  • Van Dyke, F., S.M. Harju, J. Korstad, N. Goelzer, C.L. Wolfe, and B. Keas. 2022. Effects of milfoil weevils and weather on the control of Eurasian watermilfoil. Restoration Ecology, Early View e13659 (contact for .pdf).
  • Coates, P.S., W.C. Webb, S.J. Dettenmaier, S.M. Harju, and D. Delehanty. 2021. Synthesis of nest predation impacts of common ravens on sensitive avian species. Human-Wildlife Interactions, 15(3):350-373.
  • Sanchez, C.A., B.E. Brussee, P.S. Coates, K.L. Holcomb, S.M. Harju, T.A. Shields, M. Vaughn, B.G. Prochazka, S.R. Mathews, S. Cornell, C.V. Olson, and D. Delehanty. 2021. Efficacy of manipulating reproduction of common ravens to conserve sensitive prey species: three case studies. Human-Wildlife Interactions 15:495-515.
  • Long, J.A., S.L. Webb, S.M. Harju, and K.L. Gee. 2021. Analysing contacts and behaviour from high frequency tracking data using the wildlifeDI R package. Geographical Analysis, in press (contact for Early View copy).
  • Larkins, A., S.M. Harju, and D.G. Whittaker.  2018.  Pronghorn migration and survival: a statistical analysis of a southeastern Oregon population.  Proceedings of the western states and provinces pronghorn workshop: Volume 28.  Nevada Department of Wildlife, Reno, NV.
  • Decker, K.L., A. Pocewicz, S.M. Harju, M. Holloran, M.M. Fink, T.P. Toombs, and D. Bilyeu-Johnston.  2017.  Landscape disturbance models consistently explain variation in ecological integrity across large landscapes.  Ecosphere 8(4):e01775.
  • Van Dyke, F., A. Berthel, S.M. Harju, R.L. Lamb, D.Thompson, J. Ryan, E. Pyne, G. Dreyer.  2017.  Amphibians in forest pools: does habitat clustering affect community diversity and dynamics?  Ecosphere 8:e01671.
  • Little, A. R., S.L. Webb, K.L. Gee, S. Demarais, and S.M. Harju. 2016. Addressing hunter expectations when hunters alter deer behavior. Proceedings of the 39th Annual Meeting of the Southeast Deer Study Group.
  • Dzialak, M.R., C.V. Olson, S.L. Webb, S.M. Harju, and J.B. Winstead.  2015.  Incorporating within- and between-patch resource selection in identification of critical habitat for brood-rearing greater sage-grouse.  Ecological Processes 4:5.

Seth Harju is also a current and/or past peer reviewer for the journals Journal of Wildlife Management, Food Webs, Biological Conservation, PLoS One, Journal of Applied Ecology, Ecosphere, Rangeland Ecology and Management, Canadian Geographer, and Western North American Naturalist.